WorkFlowYoga brings the balance to work.

  • WorkFlowYoga will come to you.
  • We work with you and your Human Resource Specialists or determined company group to create a personalized program that will meet your business and employee needs.
  • We will initially walk through a series of questions to determine what you, as the employer wants to offer your employees.
  • Then we work with you to determine what your employees need and want.
  • We offer multiple opportunities to gather this information, from one-on-one interviews with employees to emails surveys.
  • We can offer a variety of programs that vary in frequency and duration. For example, we have employers that offer their employees onsite yoga classes before work, during lunch and after work from 3 times a week to 5 times a week.
  • We continue to fine tune the offerings based on feedback and attendance levels.
  • Once we have determined the program specifics. We will take care of all the marketing to your employees the new offering.
  •   We have various options, from onsite marketing efforts such as cafeteria booths, direct marketing, email and online marketing programs that will promote, offer reminds of upcoming events and follow-up surveys to gather feedback to you the employer on how the programs are doing.
  • We bring everything to you.