Why at Work

Wouldn’t it be great is every company could afford to have an on-site fitness center. What a great employee benefit, recruiting tool and perk for all employees. Now what if you could get the same benefits at a fraction of the cost using just your current facilities.  Welcome to WorkFlowYoga. We bring the yoga to you and your employees on site. All you need to supply is a conference room, lunch room or even an outdoor space. We do all the rest at a fraction of the cost of implementing an onsite fitness center.

WorkFlowYoga will come to you. We work with you and your Human Resource Specialists or determined company group to create a personalized program that will meet your business and employee needs.
We will initially walk through a series of questions to determine what you, as the employer wants to offer your employees. Then we work with you to determine what your employees need and want.  We offer multiple opportunities to gather this information, from one-on-one interviews with employees to emails surveys.  We can offer a variety of programs that vary in frequency and duration. For example, we have employers that offer their employees onsite yoga classes before work, during lunch and after work from 3 times a week to 5 times a week.  We continue to fine tune the offerings based on feedback and attendance levels.
Once we have determined the program specifics. We will take care of all the marketing to your employees the new offering.   We have various options, from onsite marketing efforts such as cafeteria booths, direct marketing, email and online marketing programs that will promote, offer reminds of upcoming events and follow-up surveys to gather feedback to you the employer on how the programs are doing.  We bring everything to you.

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An Example Program:


Company XX has come to WFY and we have worked together to create the following 12 week initial stress relieving personalized program.


“Morning Juice Class” –

  • Energize and Focus Yoga – Offered M,W, F for 20 minutes before work, 7:00 and again at 7:30.
  • Conducted in a conference room on-site.
  • Employees come in prior to beginning their workday and are lead through a series of refreshing breathing exercises and stretches that will revive them for the morning and focus them on the tasks they face through out the day.
  • No need for work-out clothes, just come as you are.
  • A great way to start their day, it gives them a quiet time to reflect, energize and focus on the upcoming chaos of the day ahead.


“Brown Bag Yoga” 

  • 30 minutes lunch time yoga offered Tuesday and Thursdays, two sessions, First 11:30 and then again at 12:15.
  • Held in a conference room on-site.
  • Employees come in workout gear but it will be a no sweat zone so no shower will be needed.
  • We supply the matt or they can bring their own.
  • The employees will be lead through a beginners yoga sequence that will introduce them to yoga poses and stretched.
  • These will help alleviate the many common ailments that come from sitting at your desk all day, working on the computer, relieve stress from daily life and teach them some simple breathing exercises they can do trough out the day when they feel stress coming on.
  • They will leave the session refreshed and focused and ready to face their afternoons.


“Happy Hour Yoga”  

  • 60 minutes, work up a sweat after work session Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
  • Conducted after work at 5:30 onsite in a conference room.
  • Employees come ready to sweat their stress away.
  • They will be lead through a invigorating sequence of beginners yoga poses.
  • They will be taught how to properly do the pose and be educated on the benefits.
  • We will work with the employees to guarantee that they learn yoga in a sate and effective manner and will personalize the sequences based on the skill levels in the class.

All WorkFlowYoga instructors are certified and have the safety and well being of your employees as their first priority.  Contact Us now to learn more.